Yuu Yanase (柳瀬 優 )



Hair color:


Eye color:



Chief assistant for Yoshino Chiaki


Yoshino Chiaki (unrequited love)

Voice actor(s):

Hiroshi Kamiya

He is the chief assistant for mangaka Yoshino Chiaki. Hatori and Chiaki both came to know Yuu when they were in junior high, where Yuu first developed feelings for Chiaki. Ever since then, Yuu and Hatori have been at each other's necks since they are both in love with him.

Yuu got over his shyness eventually and told Chiaki he were in love with him, but the feelings were not returned nor mutual. After that, Yuu became desperate and came onto Chiaki sexually. Which he received a punch for by both Chiaki and nearly from Hatori aswell . Which, when Chiaki punched him, he cried out; "Why am I not good enough for you? Is only Hatori good enough?!"


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