Ynb4 03

Zen and Takafumi

Takafumi Yokozawa



Hair color:


Eye color:



Sorata the cat


Takano Masamune (ex-lover) Zen Kirishima(current lover)

Voice Actor:

Kenyuu Horiuchi

Takafumi Yokozawa is one of the main characters in the anime Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi. He works at the sales department of Marukawa Shoten.


He and Takano studied at the same college. When Takano and Onodera splitted up he helped him to get through the hard period of his life. Takano said about him: "They slept twice but never went out."

He took Takano's cat away from him, saying that a person that can't take care of himself has no right to keep a pet.He really worries about Masamune, and wants Onodera not to get close again to him.

At work:Edit

His temper has earned him a nickname "wild horse". According to Hatori it's all thanks to Yokozawa that Takano got a job transfer to Marukawa.He works hard and does everything he can, to make his company more successful.

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