Shouta Kisa



Hair color:

Bluish Black

Eye color:

dark brown


Editor in shoujo department


unknown ex-boyfriends

Voice Actor(s):

Nobuhiko Okamoto


Kisa works as a fellow editor in the Emerald department. Because of his "baby face" he is mistaken for being much younger than his real age.


He's never been in a serious relationship because he is usually attracted by physical looks only, personality is not important for him.

That's how he fell in love Yukina because of his pretty face. First Kisa didn't hold out much hope for a relationship with him, so he was very suprised when he knew the boy loves him.

Even they love each other so much Kisa has often a doubt about Yukina's feelings. That's maybe they don't see each other very often, because of their job.


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